Hurst Green Parish Council is creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan. This plan will supersede the current 2009 Parish Plan.

Using the feedback from resident surveys and from the public engagement events held throughout 2018 and 2019, several key aims for the plan were proposed. These aims were subsequently priortised by the community at public engagement events held in July 2019 and also via an electronic survey which was promoted on social media. Lastly a widespread public consultation ran during the Autumn of 2019, which saw every household in the parish recieve a printed copy of the document and a consultation form. A further consultation was held in 2022. These aims were updated with minor updates in May 2024.


1) Protect against inappropriate and speculative development and to provide guidance and greater influence over how Hurst Green should be developed in the future.

2) Improve public safety and reduce the harmful impact of road traffic, while providing sufficient parking for the community.

3) Develop local planning policies for Hurst Green to which development proposals should adhere.

4) Create an environment that encourages residents to live active, social, meaningful lives that promote good health and well-being.

5) Bring forward action on facilities and improvements, which are needed by the village of Hurst Green; and the hamlets of Silver Hill and Swiftsden.

6) Improve the visual appearance and overall perception of Hurst Green as a place where people want to live, work and visit.

7) Enhance our existing, and create new, open green spaces and improve access to the countryside.

8) Increase business, retail and tourism opportunities to encourage local employment, and grow the local economy.

9) Conserve and enhance the built and historic environment and improve the general street scene around the parish.

The Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group hope that these aims and vision for Hurst Green, will attract individuals from all walks of life to the process and move them to community volunteerism, providing input, helping deliver on these aims and mobilising others to get involved so that together, we can make these aims and the 2030 vision a reality.

Find out about the vision…

The vision for Hurst Green by 2030 sets the tone for our aspirations, read more

Download or print a booklet version of the Vision, Aims and Objectives.

“We think this is a great initiative, an excellent opportunity to be forward thinking and positive.”


Community survey 2019