The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Hurst Green Parish are jointly behind the Hurst Green to 2030 vision.

Government Grants

Hurst Green’s neighbourhood plan is primarily being funded via grants that are being obtained from central Government scheme. This scheme support the development of neighbourhood plans and also for affordable housing plans, in total the Government has set aside around £29m of funding to be spent between 2018 – 2022 to be allocated to active communities such as ours . You can find out more about these schemes here:

In addition to these grants, the Government periodically makes grants available to support the development of new green spaces, parks and leisure facilities. It is hoped that Hurst Green will be able to take advantage of these grants as and when they become available – the last scheme opened in December 2018.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

CIL is a new tariff approach to help fund infrastructure to make development acceptable. It applies to new residential and some retail development across Rother.

The Levy allows local authorities to raise funds from developers undertaking new building projects in their area to fund a wide range of infrastructure that is needed to support new development. This includes transport schemes, health and social care facilities, parks, green spaces, leisure centres and other community and cultural facilities.

You can find out more about the CIL scheme in Rother here:

In addition to the CIL, Rother District Council’s Community Grants Scheme supports the development of community facilities, community activities and sustainable local action and it is hoped that we may be able to make a series of successful applications to support the delivery of the Hurst Green 2030 vision. The first of which was successfully awarded to Hurst Green in March 2021, with the award of £30k to support the regeneration of Hurst Green park.

Other Grants

The new access to the Stage Field nature reserve in Silver Hill was in the majority, kindly funded by the Sussex Lund foundation, a grants programme of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

As the vision progresses it is hoped that grants from other organisations including, Sport England, the Football Foundation, The National Lottery Community Fund may be obtained to support specific aspects of the Hurst Green 2030 vision. (note the organisation’s listed here are just indicative, and no relationship yet exists between us).

Be the change

If you have an idea for a funding source, or wish to lead on a specific grant application, or even contribute to funding a specific part of the plan – be the change and kindly make contact with us – we’d be delighted that you did.

“Supporting volunteers who are passionate about building more of the homes we need in their communities is something I’m fully behind, and I want to see far more people getting involved across England. This funding is on top of the £26 million already available to help get neighbourhood plans over the line. “

Goverment Housing Minister

May 2019