1) To create a thriving village community, that supports existing and new local business, and seeks to boast a prosperous, well presented village, where people want to live, work and visit.

1.1) Retain existing local retail and employment sites and support proposals which lead to the improvement, modernisation or upgrading of current employment sites subject to there being no adverse impacts on the amenity of neighbours.

1.2) Encourage the return of local business to vacant retail sites in the village to provide a wider variety of retail shops and further cater for the everyday needs of the community.

1.3) Support the return of local village pubs to Hurst Green, as well as local restaurants, and other opportunities to socialise in the village.

1.4) Seek to upgrade and maintain sufficient communication networks, and high-speed internet facilities in the village to support the changing nature of employment including an increase in home-working and flexible work spaces.

2. To encourage the growth of the local economy, specifically:

2.1. To support planning applications involving farms / farmsteads / estates and land use change, providing they seek to provide local employment and make use of local resources and are sensitive to landscape settings and will protect and enhance the environment.

2.2) To support planning applications that seek to attract new business opportunities to the parish, offices, trade specialists, accommodation and services, to support and attract increased business to the village and further grow the local economy.

3) To encourage the growth of tourism within the parish, specifically:

3.1) To support planning applications for schemes designed to enhance the tourism economy and which can demonstrate that they are designed in ways sensitive to townscape and/or landscape settings and will protect and enhance the environment.

3.2) To support a sustainable community that seeks to protect and preserve historical landmarks and promote local heritage sites such as Devil’s Leap (Burgh Wood), Seven Streams and Stage Field and any tourism related development necessary to deliver this.

4) To support the improvement of the visual appearance of the village and parish.

4.1) Encourage and support the ongoing maintenance of public areas, footpaths, renovation and repair of shop fronts, damaged fences, business signage and notices to further enhance the overall presentation of the village for the benefit of residents, visitors and tourists alike.

4.2) To ensure that all advertising notices are appropriate and do not detract from the High Weald National Landscape, by seeking to define an Area of Special Control of Advertisements within the parish.

Today’s challenges

“There’s insufficient parking in the village to access local shops on Station Road and on the A21.”


Community survey 2019

“Hurst Green needs more facilities and amenities to attract residents and reduce travel to other places such as shops and doctors.”


Community survey 2019