1) Significantly reduce the amount of on-street / on-pavement parking throughout Hurst Green village.

1.1) Provide every household with at least one off-street car parking space within 300m of their home.

1.2) Provide a free-car park for users of the Village Hall and ensure that there is enough space for hall users to park.

1.3) Review the current provision for, and enforcement of disabled blue-badge parking throughout the parish.

2) To ensure that new development has adequate parking and servicing provision including car parking and cycle storage.

2.1) To introduce a local policy that requires at least 2, off street, parking spaces per new build property.

3) To support a reduction in the need to travel, encouraging walking, cycling and low carbon transport.

3.1) Provide cycle parking facilities at key locations throughout Hurst Green, including at the Village Hall, the Community Cafe/Shop and at any newly created green spaces.

3.2) Promote connections between areas of the village, without the need to use pathways adjoining the strategic road network (A21).

4. To reduce the harmful impact of through road traffic on the local community.

4.1) To support provision for a reduction in the amount of through traffic passing through the village a by-pass to meet development needs.

4.2) Introduce vehicle weight limits on all rural roads in the Parish – to avoid HGV’s or large vehicles using roads that are unsuitable for them.

5) To promote safety improvement solutions for the A21, A265 and the A229.

5.1) Work with Highways England (HE) and East Sussex Highways (ESH) to build a roundabout at Coopers Corner.

5.2) Work with HE and ESH to build a roundabout at the A21/Station Road junction.

5.3. Enhance street lighting within the village with sensitivity to preserving dark skies.

6) To promote and encourage infrastructure improvements to ensure the standard of services within the village are raised to meet increasing demand.

6.1) Seek to establish a Doctor’s surgery and pharmacy.

6.2) Seek to establish a Dentist’s surgery.

6.3) Seek a solution to redirect the excess spring water from flowing down the Bodiam Road.

6.4) Seek to provide a public car park for Holy Trinity church.

6.5) Seek a solution to the low water pressure often experienced in some parts of the parish.

7) Improve the pedestrian environment.

7.1) Ensure that all new developments are in accordance with paragraph 35 of the National Planning Policy Framework and provide safe access for all parishioners to local facilities and public transport links.

7.2) Provide safe and convenient paths for those pushing a pushchair, in a wheelchair, walking with a stick or frame, or using a mobility scooter.

8) Ensure that all financial contributions received by the Parish Council from developments (S106 and/or the Community Infrastructure Levy) are used on projects and initiatives that meet the identified needs of the immediate community.

9) To seek to provide locations and the installation of public-access defibrillators in openly accessible (unlocked) cabinets across the parish.

Today’s challenges

“Due to volume of traffic constantly through village, residents are to afraid to walk anywhere, which unfortunately means decline in village life. The amenities and shops that used to provide a village feel have gone due to the road and the village has become a drive through.

local resident

Community housing survey 2019

“Official figures show that Sussex Police did not carry out any speed enforcement in the parish of Hurst Green during 2018, however analysis of Highways England Average Speed Data collected from sensors located in Hurst Green over the whole of 2018 shows there is an issue with excessive speeding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that many fixed penalty notices would be issued if the cancelled average speed camera scheme was actually in place. ”

Parish councillor

August 2018

“I believe the village should expand in a controlled way, adding infrastructure including doctors, and services.”

local resident

Community survey 2018

“There is no public transport to hospitals and nothing anywhere on a Sunday…”

local resident

Community survey 2018

“Time after time, Hurst Green has been promised substantial safety measures by Highways England to protect the residents from this dangerous road. However, years of proposals and scoping studies carried out by Highways England have delivered only minor measures which do not protect the community.  We are now calling time on Highways England who do not seem fit or able to manage the A21 in a competent or responsive manner. That a broken school speed sign should take 6 months to replace, is completely and utterly unacceptable.  That a temporary 20mph speed limit was not put in place whilst the sign was out of order is completely unacceptable.

Bexhill and Battle MP

December 2018