Like all Neighbourhood Plans, Hurst Green’s plan will be subject to an independent Examination, and will require a local referendum to be held to ensure that our community has the final say on whether the plan comes into force or not.

There are three key stages to producing our neighbourhood plan. These are:

Stage 1 – Getting established
1.1) – Designation of the neighbourhood area
1.2) – Building an evidence base
1.3) – Publicity and engagement

Stage 2 – Preparing the plan
2.1) – Drafting the plan
2.2) – Meeting the basic conditions
2.3) – Pre-submission Regulation 14 consultation

Stage 3 – Bringing the plan into force
3.1) – Submission of the plan
3.2) – Publicity
3.3) – Independent examination
3.4) – Local referendum

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Further reading…

More detailed guidance on the Neighbourhood Plan process is available on the Planning Portal.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has prepared a number of guides and there is more guidance on the Planning Advisory Service website.