Rother District Council have allocated mandatory provision for 75 new homes for Hurst Green village.

Hurst Green to 2030 and the Neighbourhood Plan is a community initiative run by volunteers and sponsored by Hurst Green Parish Council to have a genuine influence on the development of and the wider positive transformation of our community, including Silver Hill, Swiftsden and the surrounding rural areas.

The vision for the Parish of Hurst Green seeks to capture the purpose and aspirations for Hurst Green village and the surrounding areas.

It forms the basis on which the Neighbourhood Plan objectives, future policies and community initiatives will be formulated.

Through extensive public consultation, our community has decided that our vision is that by 2030:

Health and Happiness

Hurst Green will become a thriving, safe and friendly village within the High Weald, along with the hamlets of Swiftsden and Silver Hill, which foster a healthy lifestyle and encourage residents to live active, social and meaningful lives.

Business, Economy and Tourism

We will strongly support local prosperity and will create a thriving village community, that supports existing and new local businesses, and seeks to boast a prosperous, well-presented village, where people want to live, work and visit.


We will support sustainable and sensitive housing development that enables us to deliver on our vision and objectives, developing the facilities that are needed to address the current and future needs of our community.

Travel and Transport

We will seek to remove all non-local traffic from the Parish’s existing roads, creating an environment that reduces the speed of motor traffic and encourages walking, cycling and low carbon transport over car-use for shorter journeys.

Land and Nature

We will go to great lengths to protect and promote our outstanding natural environment and will seek to improve access to the countryside and our nearby green spaces, restoring land for the benefit of people and wildlife.

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The vision for Hurst Green has been developed to support Rother District Council’s view of the district by 2028. It is also inline with the East Sussex Integrated Sustainable Community Strategy.

Vision for Rother by 2028

Rother District is recognised for its high quality of life, where there is a strong emphasis on community life.

This has been achieved by continuing to support and further develop vibrant, safe, balanced and inclusive communities.

There is a strong commitment to a more sustainable, low carbon future and adapting to climate change.

There is sensitive stewardship of environmental resources and conservation of the area’s outstanding environmental and cultural assets.

Sustainable economic growth has been secured, with much improved job opportunities, which encourage young people to stay in the area and provides greater prosperity for all.

Improved economic and social well-being has been facilitated by better access to jobs and services, in both urban and rural areas, and improved connectivity with the rest of the region, including through effective telecommunications networks.

Development and change has contributed significantly to meeting local needs and aspirations, having responded positively to the district’s circumstances, as well as to regional and sub-regional imperatives.

The inland and essentially rural areas of Rother, falling mainly within the High Weald AONB, retain their essential local character. The character and diversity of villages has also been retained. They are vibrant and inclusive, having evolved organically in a manner sensitive to their surroundings.

The countryside continues to be protected for its intrinsic value as well as being more accessible and economically active, while change is carefully managed to respect its character.

Taken from ‘The Core Strategy’ – the key planning policy document within Rother. It sets the overall vision and objectives for development in the district up to 2028 and includes policies relating to the scale and distribution of development across its towns and rural areas Discover more on the District Council’s website:

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Download or print a booklet version of the Vision, Aims and Objectives.

In a 2019 survey of 217 local households, 28% said that the Hurst Green area was not their preferred place to live, citing limited facilities, road noise and it being difficult to meet people and make friends.”


2019 Parish Council housing survey

“If Hurst Green gets more houses, as a village are going to struggle with the amount of traffic – it’s already a danger, there has been so many accidents, it will just get worse and it will also make the lack of parking worse.”

Local Resident

2018 Resident survey

“As a school community, we have very real concerns about the safety of our pupils every single day. Cars, vans and lorries including large HGVs often speed through Hurst Green. Parents have no choice but to park on the A21 to drop off and pick up their children as there is a lack of parking in the village. The walk to school from other parts of the village is along a narrow pavement which is often blocked. ”

Hurst Green School Headteacher

November 2018