It has been over 20 years since Hurst Green’s children’s park last had a major face-lift.

As part of the Hurst Green to 2030 initiative, a group of volunteers, including our Parish Councillors are looking at ways we can implement the things residents asked for as part of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Could you be the change? Fancy being part of a group of volunteers who will work together to devise and create something amazing, please do send us your details via the volunteer interest form.

You can also download the activity kit worksheet to help us design the perfect park.

Today’s challenges

“The children’s park often seems to be vandalised…”


Community event 2019

“…the council need to get the drunks out of the children’s park, and get the kids / young adults to stop snorting C02 canisters, taking drugs and leaving their litter everywhere”


Community event 2018