1. To ensure that every child has a safe route to and from their school.

2. To promote improvements and retain the existing informal and social educational facilities for both younger people and adults.

3. To promote improvements in the educational provision and facilities for children of the parish in line with future housing developments and local requirements.

4. To work with partners to establish a library / learning facility within the parish to replace East Sussex County Council’s withdrawal of their mobile library service.

5. To promote adequate safe car, cycle and disabled parking for those using the school and other educational facilities.

Today’s challenges

“It’s scary walking with 3 young children along the A21 to the school and back especially where the path gets tight and with the massive lorries and cars who disregard the speed limit. Something needs to be done.”


Community survey 2019

“Has the possibility of public footpath behind the houses from near the school to the village hall / shop been considered – to reduce exposure of young children to the A21?


Community survey 2019

“The community at Hurst Green is understandably sceptical. Hurst Green has been disappointed on so many occasions by projects that have been put forward but don’t reach fruition such as the recent proposal to install average speed cameras along the length of the road from Flimwell to Hastings which was later rejected. I share the school’s concerns about their pupils safety.” 

MP Bexhill and Battle

November 2018