Printed & Distributed Resident Communications

Public exhibition flyer and feedback booklet

Vision, Aims and Objectives

theHurst Neighbourhood Plan article 4 in the Village Magazine

Resident Letter and Aims, Vision and Objectives Consultation

theHurst Neighbourhood Plan article 3 in the Village Magazine

2nd Series of Public Meetings Flyer

Resident Housing Survey

theHurst Neighbourhood Plan article 2 in the Village Magazine

theHurst Neighbourhood Plan article 1 in the Village Magazine

Initial Meeting Flyer

Rother District Council Communications

Letter from RDC to Hurst Green NP advisor – 27th May 2019

Update from HGNP to RDC and Stakeholders – 12th May 2019

Hurst Green Neighbourhood Plan Screening Opinion Responses – 17th Dec 2018

Hurst Green Neighbourhood Plan SEA Screening Request to RDC

Project Plan for HG Neighbourhood Plan (as supplied to RDC) – 11th Oct 2018

HGNP – Letter to Rother DC Planning from NPSG – 18th Sep 2018 and Appendix A and Appendix B Appendix C

HGNP – Letter to RDC Cllr. Kentfield and RDC Cllr. Barnes – 6th Sep 2018

HGNP – Letter to Rother DC Planning from HGPC – 26th July 2018

HGNP – Letter to Rother DC – 23rd May 2018

HGNP – Letter from Rother DC – 18th May 2018

Hurst Green Neighbourhood Plan Area designation letter

Rother District Council decision notice


21-May-2019 – Landowner and Agents communication #4

16-Jan-2019 – Landowner and Agents communication #3

3-Nov-2018 – Landowner and Agents communication #2

Initial Landowner Letter – Landowner and Agents communication #1