Residents of Hurst Green have decided that we want to improve our existing outdoor recreation and sports facilities, to meet the community needs for all ages.

The Parish Council agrees, and have put forward Drewetts Field, home to Hurst Green Cricket Club and a site that many years ago was also used for tennis.

The idea is to enhance the existing facilities by improving the cricket facilities, and also creating a multi-use all-weather sports area, leveling and improving the existing football pitch, uncovering and repairing the lost tennis courts, and seeking to install an outdoor gym and a trim trail.

We’re hoping to replace the existing Drewetts Field pavilion with a new multi-use facility that can also include changing facilities and adjacent car and cycle parking facilities (see early concept sketch below).

We’re looking to establish a separate volunteer project to make this aim a reality, as well as hopefully working with partners, such as the Football Foundation, Sport England, The National Lottery Community Fund, Rother District Council and others.

Could you be the change? Fancy being part of a group of volunteers who will work together to devise and create something amazing, please do send us your details via the volunteer interest form.

The delivery of this vision will be dependent upon fundraising through grants, planning contributions and donations. It will probably need to be implemented in phases dependent on the level of finance available.

Possible Phasing

• Phase 0 – Secure the additional land, decide on a concept, and secure project funding.

• Phase 1 – Trim trail and equipment, as well as a possible Multi Use Games Area. Likely to include creating access through the boundary and boardwalks over a ditch.

• Phase 2 Football – Involves re-grading the eastern field behind the gas valve compound. Due to levels, this would probably include a retaining structure.

• Phase 3 Car parking and tennis courts. New vehicular access from track across ditch to the field.

• Phase 4 New cricket pavilion and changing facilities.

Today’s challenges

“…areas such as cricket field should be a communal centre for village – but it needs improved access, lighting and facilities for young and old.”


Community event 2019

“what we need is a big recreation area with a football pitch, a place to ride bikes/skateboards, an outdoor gym, a basketball hoop and an area there where you can take dogs so that you can be with the children while they play or exercise.”


Community event 2018

“sadly there’s no proper football pitch in the village so the various Hurst Green teams have to use those at Lamberhurst fields and Vinehall school.”


Community event 2018