Plans for the Hurst Green park regeneration receives a boost from District Council Community Grant

In March 2021, Hurst Green was awarded a £30k grant from Rother District Council’s Community Grant programme towards the regeneration of the Children’s Park located in the centre of Hurst Green village.

The grant, applied for by Hurst Green parish Councillors, followed resident consultation carried out during the Neighbourhood Plan process that uncovered that many local children see the park as being a drab and unstimulating place to spend time. 

Designed back in the late 90’s, much of play equipment itself is not accessible to all, with provision for those with physical and, or mental impairments being particularly lacking. 

The plan is an exciting redesign that will provide improved facilities that can be used by children of all ages and that will provide a play balance that will include active, sensory, creative, imaginative, manipulative, social, and reflective play. Ensuring that all children who visit, have access, as far as possible, to the experience.

Along with new children’s play equipment, the plan is to improve the overall space, and give the revamped park a strong sense of place that speaks to the culture, location, and “spirit” of our rural community.

The District Council commentary remarked that “this project supports the delivery of the aims and objectives of the Hurst Green Neighbourhood Plan and springboards the aspirations of a Community Hub for the village.” 

Accessibility Statement