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Perspective Sketch of Foundry Close development
Optivo acquires the approved Foundry Close scheme

The developers behind the Foundry Close (HG 35) scheme are working with Optivo, who are seeking to amend the housing mix.

New London Road planning application​

The developers behind the London Road (HG22/HG43) site have applied for planning permission ahead of the Neighbourhood Plan being completed.

picture of a roadside curb
New Hurst Green housing report on affordable housing

New housing report confirms that house prices in our parish continue to beyond the scope of many, and outlines numbers of affordable homes needed.

Promoter of the potential housing site, HG6 to hold public exhibition

The exhibition, outside of the Neighbourhood Plan process, is to take place outside the former Hurst Green Community Shop, on the 9th of July 2021.

Early concept designs for additional homes off London Road

The landowners of the HG 6 site have provided the Neighbourhood Plan with their early thoughts on 30 new homes for comment.

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