Early concept designs for additional new homes off Foundry Close

As with all of the possible Housing Sites in the Hurst Green Neighbourhood Plan process, in 2019 landowners and developers were  invited to put forward their concepts and ideas for consideration by the public and the Neighbourhood Plan Housing Group.

On the 4th of December 2020, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group received a preliminary concept proposal for consideration from the landowners of the HG 40 and HG 42 sites.  The potential site off Foundry Close, is to the east of the A21 and is currently a mixture of grass pasture land and scrub land. 

These sites were first identified as a possibility for new housing in 2013 and is outside of the Hurst Green Development Boundary. The area like the entire parish, falls within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 

The landowner/developers are proposing 42 new dwellings. The housing density shown is very high and as drawn, include no public amenities or areas. The early concept design plan does not indicate a housing type breakdown, however we understand the that landowner/developers are proposing:

  • 22 houses on the HG 40 site
  • 16 houses and 4 flats on the HG 42 site

Residents should note that while the site was identified as part of the call for sites process, that this or the receipt of this concept proposal from the landowner does not mean the site will be allocated for development or included in the Neighbourhood Plan. It is a technical exercise aimed at identifying potential sites and options for development. With public consultation, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the Parish Council will then consider how best to take the plan forward. For more information on the stages, please see the milestones section of this website.

As these materials do not form part of a planning application, or the formal Neighbourhood Plan consultation, anyone with comments or thoughts to pass on to the landowner and their agents is warmly invited to contact a member of the neighbourhood plan Steering Group or any Hurst Green Parish Councillor.

You can review the preliminary concept materials here as part of the Housing Documents section of this site.

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