New Foundry Close planning application

In the works since the previous unsuccessful planning application by Millwood Designer Homes, the developers behind the revised Foundry Close development proposal have submitted an application to Rother District Council for planning permission for 20 new homes. The revised scheme is smaller than the original that proposed some 60 homes.

Selected items relating to the application:

  • The developers vision for the site is of a meandering village street, fronting the northsouth tree belt. We understand, this concept arose from discussions with the Rother District Council during the developer’s pre-application stage.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan professional site assessment carried out by consultancy AECOM proposed that the whole site was suitable for development,  however at maximum density / accommodation of 19 homes.
  • The application is for 20 homes, however not all of the site is being used for housing due to the presence of dormice, a protected species.
  • Of the 20 houses proposed, 6 (30%) are 2 bedroomed cottages in accordance with planning policy. 
  • There are no flats proposed.
  • Access to the development is proposed via the existing private road (Foundry Close) which is already in the ownership of the developers.
  • Despite the problems with parking in and around Hurst Green,  the application’s parking provision is in accordance with the East Sussex Residential Parking Demand Calculator, this includes the addition of 6 on-street spaces that replace those lost from Foundry Close which is currently used by residents / nearby houses as overspill / primary parking. 
  • Allocated and some visitor parking (2 spaces) is provided in rear parking courts and unallocated Foundry Close replacement spaces are provided on-street along with 2 further visitor spaces. 
  • The submitted application proposes pavements throughout the development.
  • At the request of the Neighbourhood Plan group an area of public open space, possibly a peace garden is included as a focus for the development and the wider area.
  • The developer has stated as part of their application that “the high costs of developing this site and the sites reduced potential and economies of scale make it impossible for the scheme to meet [Rother] District Council’s 40% affordable housing target.” They are proposing making a financial contribution towards affordable housing elsewhere in the parish. 

View the application and read the supporting documents here:

View the Parish Council’s response here:

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