Local tourism survey suggests Hurst Green is not currently geared up for tourism, but could become so in the future

The Neighbourhood Plan group have conducted a survey of local residents around their attitudes towards tourism in our area.  

The design and the subsequent analysis was freely undertaken by volunteers from the Neighbourhood Plan. 

Summary of results from residents completing the survey:

  • Do you think people consider coming to or staying in the Hurst Green area for tourism?
  • Visiting friends, and the local attractions and landmarks were the main reasons people thought attracted visitors to Hurst Green
  • Not enough local attractions or landmarks, as well the area not having enough shops were among the top reasons residents thought were putting visitors off visiting the Hurst Green area.
  • Nearly 90% of respondents thought the visual appearance of the village was important is to residents and visitors. 
  • Over a third of respondents were in favour of sensitive tourism development in and around Hurst Green, and thought that Hurst Green could serve as a gateway to the surrounding area and local attractions.
  • Interestingly, over 80% of respondents weren’t aware that the largest Napoleonic barracks in Sussex (around 4,000 people) was located just south of Hurst Green at Silver Hill.

Read the full survey results:
Evidence #37 – Hurst Green Neighbourhood Plan local tourism survey

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